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Originally Posted by Grizzlez View Post
I also think its a cheap way to earn a bit of extra money, BFME2 did it and added a couple extra skins and things to the game which they coud have put in the first. Especially as the ingame things need to be compatible with the original version-so a player can get hold of the extra features and put them in their version wihout buying the CE.

I'd hope this game just includes all the features in one version, I just get a negative vibe off the companies who do this to people.
I'm also not a fan of those, "you get this in game for buying the more expensive edition". Thats not really fair, especially if they aren't released at the same time. I know with Guild Wars, I was ticked at the fact people who bought the Game of the Year edition got special emotes and other things that you couldn't get if you didn't. So because I bought the game before it got popular, I got penalized, which is not right to do to your fan base. Also doing this with pre-order boxes is something I'm not a fan of, but I see the point in it. Some people just go to the store the day of release and pick it up -I'm one of them- and just because I buy the game the day it comes out, or a week after doesn't make it less of a fan, so I shouldn't suffer for it.

In adding "extras" to games, it usually motivates you to want them, you see people using the "new units" or using the "new spells" and you want them. Making it so you are unable to get them OR you can have go buy the same game you have but pay an extra $20 get it isn't right in my mind. We would have to make it an expansion, or a simple add-on that would cost you $x. But something that everybody got the oppertunity to get.

However, some collectors editions are nice, and some people like them. When they get the t-shirt in it, or they get a piece of wall art, it's something that is an extra value to those who like that kind of thing. So I think if we were to release a collectors edition, this would be the kind we would do.

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