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Old 04-02-2012, 08:58 AM
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As I wrote in my game suggestion post ( ), I would be glad to help with the game translation in French.

Right know, my feeling on the current translation is more or less: "well, at least they tried". The translation quality range from poor to average, is nonexistent in various locations and that's without mentioning some missing characters. French voices are good, but the text (so most of the game dialog) is terrible. It looks like a hasty, incomplete job.

I've done the tutorial of DoF in English (no choice actually, even if the game is set to French, this part is still in English) and that was really nice. I could grasp the feeling of a medieval-ish counsellor. Back to French, this feeling is gone and reading the text becomes a lot more boring.

On that matter, I can help you, apparently a lot. From the first post, I see your French team is complete. Since that was in early January, I believe the game now shows their work (I only got the game by the end of March). I don't know how hard they worked, but unfortunately, it was not hard enough.

If I can have a document with all the game text in my hands (including menu, short descriptions and button names), I would need a week, two max, and I could translate your entire game to a proper (and inspiring) French and send you back the document.

I don't need, nor seek any kind of reward.

Lloyd Shade
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