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Old 03-30-2012, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by huwie View Post
Perhaps surrendering should involve a material loss? However I have to take issue with this:

Why is that a problem? This is standard rock-paper-scissors gameplay. You can't expect a unit to be strong against everything, or have no vulnerabilities. I'm quite happy with the concept of a dragon-killer unit that can't hold its own against other units. If pikemen could kill dragons and most other types of units, it's the pikemen who would be overpowered, yes?
totally agree with this staement but thats is the reason i believe there should be an anti-dragon unit. give it a high defense skill against everything but make it have no attack value against units other than dragons. hench the "anti-dragon" unit. previous staements about players who have the dragons then start to loose, surrender and have lost nothing because no units of theirs die's. its just every unit you loose costs. and i dont know but i believe the average army costs way more than 2k cause you dont take a complete level 1 army to battle.
if you are an attacking army then remove the ability to surrender. they choose to attack and just cause it doesnt go their way they should not have the ability to just walk away loosing nothing.
like i have said i realy enjoy the game, hench why i started this thread saying you will loose new players. after you have reasched everything you have all the pvp to look forward to.but when you have reascnhed everything and you do pvp you just get wiped out by an army of 10 units and dragons. i dont think alot of people would kep doing that sernario over and over, do you??