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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Three post I wanted to remind you guys about:

First - if you are the one who is Attacking - chances are you will be matched against a stronger army, but if you are defending - are are guaranteed to be matched against equal or weaker army. So especially if you are using Be Brave feature and attacking - you need to be prepared to face Royal Dragons.

Second - there are some specific anti-Dragon troops (same applies to other monsters such as Ogres). Here`s some pointers:
-archers are ranged troops are mostly useless against Dragons, unless they are level 5 with attack upgrades, don`t bother
-Dragons are 100% immune to fire damage, so using fire arrows or trebuchets is again useless
-Heavy Cavalry - Mounted Grand Masters, Mounted Slayers, or Mounted Knights - work great, but you really need to swarm the Dragon. Light cavalry is not that good.
-the BEST counter unit is Impaler, Sentry and Halberdier - anything with a pike. Just be sure to attack in Loose formation so that fire spells don`t kill all of them
-Bring Elven Warden units with you - as they have area of effect spells that completely eliminate fire

Third - and most important point - the army you are matching against a Dragon typically costs maybe 5000 gold, at the very most. Royal Dragon for example costs 120 influence, which is around 80,000 gold value. So if that player loose his Dragon his loss is much much greater that yours. ALSO - if you do kill the Dragon you will get something like 20-40 points of Wealth in return, so think about it as a gamble with very high steaks on each side.

And finally a quick summary for the new players: "Always bring Halberdier, Sentry or Impaler units with your army. And in PvP never use Be Brave, and better yet - never attack, just defend"
First point - fail.
Happened to me being attacked by army that had lower average value and had dragons. So no "be brave" tool being involved and I faced the dragon.

Second point - fail.
The units you are giving as counter are weak against anything else than dragons.

Third point - the biggest fail of all fails in your post, sir.
Player with dragons do not loose anything, because when losing all he does is "surrender". And the fact it happens is at least on my example, where I wrote in another post my experience from meeting some "hero dragon player". Player pays in wealth to get a dragon and he does not risk ANYTHING while entering combat with the dragon/s while having imbalanced high chance for easy win vs most enemies.

I want to stress out that the game is really great - has bugs and elements, that can be improved easly, but in general I think DoF is really decent game.
But at the same time I would like to bold the fact, that there is no balance in PvP, there is no even shadow of the balance.
When I picked the topic of dragon aspect in PvP and faced with similar arguments like above I did not react instantly, mainly because I did not want to look like qq guy. I decided to wait if there are any other players that face same problem I did (and do) and that feel the similar to me about the balance issue. Now, once I have noticed this topic I add my 2 cents.

Argument about the cost of the dragons is completely meaningless to me same as explanation that if I manage to defeat the dragon army I can earn lots of wealth. Problem is (as described previously) that the dragons are very easly obtainable and impossible to be killed, since most players surrender when sense they might lose the game and loose the dragon.

I really really appreciate the great work you, guys do, but I feel a bit disappointed when I read such explanations like these above concerning obvious dragons imbalance in pvp. It is your game, and you decide how it looks and what rules the game, but still... denying the problem does not solve it, don't you agree? And facing dragons each 3-4th battle and being forced to pay more than enemy despite fact he surrenders OR losing hopelessly when the dragon players has some skill is a lose lose case for me, that should not have a place in game which is supposed to give some fun. These are facts. Face them, please and solve the problem or simply say, that this is not an issue for you instead of trying to explain the imbalance state as intended.

Sorry for my english, it is not my native.