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Old 03-28-2012, 03:46 PM
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Default Dragons Ott

i think something needs to be done about the dragons in the game. every pvp army seems to have more than one on the battle field and no matter what you do when it says the armies are even your units are totally out gunned. ive had 5 units of knights on one royal dragon for the dragon to just set fire to the earth around it killing all of them all most instantly. with 5 units of archers attacking the same one to for them to be killed with one fire ball wiping out my whole army.
so how can new players like my self get into pvp when clearly players who have been on here a while have 2, 3 sometimes more dragons in their armies. and really as you know reading this, you army no matter what units are in it do not stand a change even though the pvp match making has said your armies are even.
its basically bringing a gun to a rock fight. you tell me who would win. and it doesnt matter on player skill.
there needs to be a "dragon slayer" unit you can make with just resources that is weak to every unit lets say but can kill a dragon and have better resistances to the fire from them. if not you will lose alot of players as the pvp only really works for high level players who have dragons in their army

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