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Old 03-26-2012, 09:06 PM
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Default improvements

Dunno if this is in the right thread but it was titled "Improvements" so i'm guessing it is...... One really BIG improvement i think that should be implemented is when you tell your units to do things in a battle (archers looking at you) rather then just saying "yes m'lord" when ordered to attack how about they actually attack rather than just standing there.

This was my first battle i had no resources for that spike thing they do so their movement was not impaired and they just stood there in range getting slaughtered by enemy archers, i was winning my melee troops had managed to overcome theirs and i managed a few archers before they were killed but then like i said my archers just stood there in a semi circle round the enemy archers and did nothing. Yes m'lord yes m'lord yes m'lord still no arrows leaving bows suffice to say i lost.

Do companies test their games to the same standard they did before patches became a world wide fall back on answer NO.
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