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Originally Posted by Grizzlez View Post
I'd think you would need software like 3ds max to create new models, the other features are just to help you get them in game. This is just my guess on it.

However I would like to know more about the modding tools that are going to be released. Like what exactly they do and how they work. Also will you guys be making any tutorials for them, or just let people that want to know how it all works find out and leave it to them to make tutorials for the others who don't want to learn themselves?
These modding tools won't actually be special "modding" stuff, but we'll provide every external tool (like converters and our editor) we use ourselves to create the game. There are some documentations about the editor and the converting tools which we will probably provide as well. For the scripting itself there won't be any tutorial (besides that you can learn LUA from web tutorials). But we have comments in our codes which explain how it works, this helps other scripters to understand the code of someone else easier if he has to modify it.
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