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Originally Posted by aramsm View Post

Army points make impossible to be "ganked" in this game, so if you got a bigger or stronger army you cant actually kill smaller and weakness armies, like you said happened to you. Also, this is not like an MMORPG when you control one character and then come someone behind you and kill you suddenly, when pvp start is a slow process: loading screen etc, wich makes it impossible to be a surprise.

Seriously, did you really play online or you just complainning with even havent played it? Sorry but the description you gave is just weird, doesnt fit to the online game mechanic.
It probably wans't exactly twice the size, it was by far larger. It had archers so was the same race as me, it also seems to be far mor powerful (as in if my arches shot his archers 1-2 of his would die and all of mine would.

Yeah, I was talking to the NPC guy about being attacked so I thought "Alright, time to focus on army then" and I clicked off the screen, and the very next screen was the "You're under attack" thing where you can pay off or leave. It happend so fast that I figured it was like the quests and some little NPC army would come through.

He literally lost like 15 units (not armies) the whole match, by the time I was down to the point that my whole town was one fire I just logged out and left. I've only been back in to check what you can buy to pay to win to be sure I'm being fairly accurate here. Plus, since he had fire arrows he had upgraded armies, and I didn't yet at all... so saying it can't match make more powerful armies with lesser ones is completely and utterly false. It was larger, and upgraded compared to mine.

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