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Old 03-13-2012, 04:37 PM
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Well, pretty much other players are a-holes. So I usually don't like PVP games that much, case and point, I came out of beginner protection and i don't really even know how to play. I didn't even really have time to read the NPC trainer guy's warning that players can attack me and I was slaughtered by someone about 4x my size. I just quit playing the game and haven't been back.

The single player game doesn't seem to have any of the building and empire management stuff so it has been really boring.

So here I sit, playing other games.

Purchase PvP Protection for 48 hours (of real time play time) in the Market shop and you are good to go for probably a week or two, nobody will bother you.
Also, pay to win models are a huge fail.