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Old 03-03-2012, 08:44 PM
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Main Problem is still that theres no Trial Period stuff

I relayed the Game to Several of my Working Pals as well as to my Clan and even in other Games Forums

But the main Response is that People dont want to Spend Money without seeing the Game First
Nearly no one will readily pay before actually knowing that they like it
And since its only single People recommending it
its not really enough to bridge that Gap

theres really need for something like 1 week trial keys or something in that direction
Its an incredible different thing if I tell people they need to Buy the Game for playing or if I can offer em a Trial Key to jump in the Game

Alone in my Clan I have 3 guys interested in the Game itself but not going for it since they dont want to buy it before knowing if they will actually play it for a while

Keep that in Mind pls
I know you want to make everything look good before you allow Guests into the House
but this also means that others will not Join the Game and eventually forget it after short time

I still remember my early days
I would not buy anything I didnt test first and thus I often missed out on Games
I found some of them years later and other I.ll most likely never see again
this often happens
You find a Game on some Page looking around for Games like that
you read the description and think
Oh Cool nice Game should test it
Oh too bad cant test it no trial you have to buy before you can play
well then Goodbye .....

I wouldnt be surprised if the number of people who actually saw the game and just didnt join due to the fact they could not test
is already in the thousands

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