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Old 03-01-2012, 11:56 AM
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Well this might actually be a Problem
From what I hear the Ressource Gathering is Bugged so it doesnt Work right

I can make a Guess
but thats all it is I have no Guarantee that this is the reason for this bug ^^

Right now I think that once your Offline your Techs and Upgrades are no longer countet which causes the problem that your Storage will be Reduced to base Value of only your Houses/Huts (Depending on your Race) or maybe the Houses are not countet and the techs are
well whichever is the case you get a much reduced max storage which will now be filled up

Now you need to know that the Storage has a strange Behavior

If your storage is full and you add an value of one Ressource if will add this value and then decrease all values till it fits in the storage


You have a Storage of 10000 (made up numbers so its easy to calculate)
Inside you have 2000 Food, 5000 Wood and 3000 Stone
Its full

Now each cycle he will add 30 Food, 10 Wood and 5 Stone

Now First Cycle
Storage has
and will reduce to limit again
all equally
your over max 45 means each ressource loses 15 points

new stand will be
2015 Food
4995 Wood
2990 Stone

You see the Numbers changed
now this happens every cycle the ressources are updatet with the Value given by your Income

As you can clearly see this will cause that the Ressource you have a high Income with will be increasing while the Ressources with lower income will slowly start decaying

(I for example have 30 Food 4 Wood and 2 Stone income you can Imagine each time I come back Online I have nearly all my storage filled up with Food ^^)

I like to do Modding on Games
therefore I have an more or less good understanding of how Game Mechanics work out
And thus I can usually make an guess on how something works and how it behaves

I am not always on the right track tough
I am not a Programmer after all so theres often other ways to code then thus that I know and which only happen to match a few variables of the one I had in mind
causing me to think its that one and then biting me into the ass by behaving differently suddenly ^^
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