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Old 02-29-2012, 09:45 PM
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Im experiencing terrible lag when I enter in a zone on world map and select my units. I noticed that the highlight are propably the responsible for this lag, I mean, when I select a troop the higlight around the units and around the portaits cause lag issues making my fps drops from 40+ to 5-9. I decreased some graphics options like water effects but as soon as I select some units I get lag.

If I select mass heal from apothecary I got lag if I have my units selected, as soon as I deselect them the lag is gone, and Im pretty sure that this happens because the portaits starts to shine. If I select a average amount of troops I got the same lag, if only a small amount I lag when they move.

My specs are:
GTX 460
i5 2.67Hz
4gb ram
win 7 64-bit

Thank you.