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Originally Posted by fyro11 View Post
Like in real-life? You wouldn't stand them that close.

Ok, I suppose more people do not want it, so I'll stop arguing this point. It's not a big deal, anyway, so no problems.
Oh no, I like it very much. I only think it should be implemented in such a way that you actually stand a chance lasting through your position-taking. In real-life, you would not be defeated by the enemy's archers, as first, the enemy will hae to observe how much and which kind of troops there are, must get their army dressed and weaponed (because, yes, in real life, they did not constantly ran around in suits that weigh 50 kilos, with a weapon of 5 kilos, in which it would get really, really hot), they have to get them on the walls, ...
Basicly, they have to do the same as the enemy, but then inside the castle.

However, in RTS, your archers will already be on the wall in full numbers.

Thus, if you can balance it out for the ones in the castle to have some sort of delay in attacking, then this would be the ultimate awesomeness.
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