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Old 02-26-2012, 02:54 PM
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Thank you for the really full answer .

My question considering the "lazy" soldiers in batalion was connected with frontal engage, where some of the soldiers did not engage despite the fact, others from the same batalion did. I understand your explanation but it was not the case, I am afraid. Still, you put it really straight and clear .

So far I find the game really interesting and the idea behind the mechanics seems cool to me.

If I could suggest anything to Devs, is that maybe you could rethink the PvP aspect of the game considering siegeing Castles and retaking them by winner. I mean, if you let players have more than 1 castle (For example max 3 for the balance issue), then if the player loses the battle and has at least 1 more castle in his hands, the current one (that was being battled for) could be taken by the attacker. I think it would guarantee players to keep their kingdom (last castle cannot be lost and obeys the current rules) and keep enjoying the game, and at same time attackers would be more motivated and more rewarded I think.

Just a suggestion

You did really good job here, Devs - thank you for the project, commitment and hope you polish this game and fix the existing bugs + add new features you have promised !!!