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Old 02-26-2012, 09:52 AM
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Ok, so I add some questions from myself.

1) Is there any ingame timer so I know what time is ingame?
2) Is there any possibility to reconfig keybindings?
3) Is there any way to center the view on the ctrl group?
4) Is there any way to order one batalion from the ctrl group to move without ordering it to the other soldiers from the same ctrl group?
5) Is this a bug, where I order one batalion to attack and 2secs later half of this batalion engages while the other half does nothing? Is this only graphic bug or do actually numbers behind the graphic also work for me with half of the potential of the batalion?

I will let myself to ask further question here to avoid creating new topics. I will be greatul for the answers.

The game is cool, just a bit rough for now for a carebear playes