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Old 02-26-2012, 06:57 AM
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There is some Single Player Included
A little like Total War where you can play Single Campaigns or Single Battles in Single Player

If your Playing Online Kingdom a limited number of things should run further while your Offline
For Example your Buildings will still Finish Building and Ressources will still being Gathered (tough the Ressources being Gathered still has some Bugs it works or works not from time to time ^^)

But you cant be Attacked while your Offline
so you wont one day Come Online and see oh **** my City is Gone ^^

If your PvPing the Target you get will be a Random Target in the Area you are
means if you go to Search for a Opponent the Game will evaluate your Armys Power and then look if theres a Matching Opponent in the Area your Army is Searching
You can Choose if your Attacking Citys or Armys but you wont actually be able to Specify a Target
you also wont be able to Attack someone which is too far below or above you in Strength

Now you got me
I never tried the Editor so I dont know about it ^^

In Overall
well yes your pretty much playing an MMO
in Online Kingdom your in the Same World as all others
which is the requirement for a Massive Multiplayer Game

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