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Old 05-31-2008, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by iceblast View Post
Man please no stamina that is realistic but too realistic for a rts game
Actually, my suggestion was that stamina should be lost very slowly. Marching from one end of the map would make you lose from 100% to 85%. And I think you guys are missing the actual point about realistic battles. Ahh, I just don't want to explain all that again. Basically, if your opponent marches to your gates, he would've lost some stamina, affecting the performance of his soldiers. So either he could just attack straight away like in traditional RTS, or, he would line up his units and trebuchets and rams while they regain their stamina. Imagine rows of perfectly lined battalions like in real life. This is what I mean by real life. They line themselves, you prepare all your units on the walls and your siege weaponry. The enemies blow their warhorns all of a sudden and chaaaarge at your walls.

I hope you guys can picture what I can, LOTR style (not the game, the movies and books!). Imagine how the army of Saruman lined up at Helms Deep, remember Théoden at Pelennor Fields, the Battle for Minas Tirith etc.
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