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Old 02-22-2012, 05:44 PM
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Sunleader has good reputation

Its still in Childs Boots (dunno if that phrase can be used in English but well ^^)

I myself also wait for Pathfinding Currently and only play from time to time ^^

But its not a Problem since I purchased the Game so I have it
it has no Monthly Fees so its not like I need to play it all the time
I can just wait out stuff and play when I feel like it :P

As for Pros

The Graphics of the Game are nice
the Bigger Battles often Lag but they really look cool
Its a bit like Total War excepting that you only have 10-30 Men per Squad (in Total War you had 80-150) therefore you have 60 Squads per Army (Total War had 20)

The Fact that you can Build and Advance an Stronghold Online is still one of the Best Features
also there Extensive Questlines leading you all over the World map :P

But the Biggest Pro is still the Community
The Devs show up in Forums and Listen to the Users which is very rare
most Games I know you either never see the Devs or you maybe rarely see them answer Announcement Posts

Therefore Problems of the Users are attented in fast manner
and the Game Develops with alot of Influence from the Users

Well as you see you already got two responses from the Staff before I actually saw your post despite the fact that I look in here on Daily base ^^

Which of course also results in a nice Community between the People active on Forums and ingame
I play outside the American Timezone and still I often see a lively Chat ingame while Playing
(well Building takes time so it feels nice to talk with people or to ask people about things)

Contras are the usual ones

Game is still Bugged on many places
Its an Stategy Game so while trying to keep Dialogues and other RP stuff up it often ends with the typical Slay em All in Quests ^^
PvP is very Laggy
you cant build completly Free
I hope they add this later
but right now you build on spots which is somewhat annoying ^^
ah well Orcs can already build mostly free except the Walls and the Estate
hopefully the Other Races will be like that too in the Future ^^

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