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Old 02-21-2012, 08:13 AM
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Default Unit skill point stats not saving =(

I am having an issue with all of my units where none of their stats are saving, my lvl 5 units have all of their points on def and when I transfered them to my homeland they are just as strong as my lvl 1 units more or less (small difference is the slashing is 10% higher then the lvl 1 unit)

Also some of my units like rangers do not gather exp at all for killing mobs.

You can check out my home land on KingGongora, homeland: Deku Prime
I have lots of lvl 5 units you can look at and 1 bladestorm and one sentry lvl 1 as you can see the lvl 5's have 12 points spent but only 10% higher slashing defense compared to my lvl 1 sentry and bladestorm.

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