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Old 05-30-2008, 09:25 PM
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Thanks very much Joseph; I'm glad to hear the system you have in place, and will to a good degree, bring about the type of warfare that I have in mind.

I remember the old method of destroying the enemy's houses from AoE1 and 2, so yes it is very effective. Just as a separate question, will the houses be in the inner 'sanctum', or the outter?

Oh, and whose that, Puppeteer? Pfftt! Will this weirdo please stop stalking me? :P

Nah, I like the idea though of having a stamina bar. Though if the stamina only disables a battalion from using an ability, then maybe it could just be like an on/off 'dot' touching the left/right side of the health bar?

I would love it, if the stamina reduced a battalion's movement and attack speed. That would be subtle, but yet the perfect recipe for realistic, lifelike battles. The option of a stream of units would still be an option through maybe transportation (if it exists), or even at lesser ability (i.e. lesser attack and movement speed). But even if you guys think it'd be better without the above suggestion, then I'm still happy with your decision and (over)excited about the game.
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