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Old 02-17-2012, 07:54 PM
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Talking Greetings Everyone, From Sirus

Hello Everyone,

The name is KrisIsHidden, Im new to the game and have met quite a few people. I love the game as it is and all its elements I look forward to bringing My friends here and having a good time! Coop Gameplay is my main love, the more Coop gameplay Dawn of Fantasy adds the more i will enjoy it! Keep it up Dev team!

Also, I am Roleplaying ingame a Human Dictator who Despises other Races, he follows the law of the Royal Court and Demeans Elves and Orcs as lesser races, he wont hesitate to exterminate Orcs and be cruel to elves. Although he Seeks as much support from his own Race as possible, he accepts allies from the Human Alliance to stand with him in his conquest against the orcish Savages.

So if you want to Aid me in my conquest! Just message me ingame Id be glad to ally with you guys (Ally system i'snt out yet so Befriending Is A Substitution.)

If you ever need help Ill be there! BTW just because i hate Elf and Orc races ingame doesnt mean I cannot come to like them through diplomacy, even the slightest form of respect my character will see as Humility and come to understand your people over time. I'm looking forward to alot of fun XD

Take Care Everyone
KrisIsHidden or Chris/Kris/Ingame King Name --> Sirus Strider