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Old 02-12-2012, 04:27 PM
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you dont seriosly think that I just send in my Halberds alone set on the Dragon do you ?

In a PvP Battle most stuff is about Coordination
that goes for Siege as well
You dont send one Unit out and then wait for a Result then do the next step

He had an Army Consisting Mainly of Archers, Knights and a Red Dragon
the Red Dragon being the main Attraction
my Army was Halberds, Knights, Archers and Crossbowmen

I spread all my Units out to make em faster then spreaded the squads manually to have a broad front
I order the Knights to Advance and Attack whatever they get
then I orderd the Crossbowmen to do the same
the Halberds held behind
He put a Fireball right into my Knights as Expectet
and I send my Halberds at the Dragon with Charge order (means they ran at the dragon unlike my knights which walked normally with my crossbowmen)
Then I send my Archers towards the Dragon but not as Attack (to keep em from forming a line there) I only set em to occupy the area of the Dragon
they did and Fired at the Dragon as well as at the Enemy Army

Now this is a Huge problem for the Enemy
since if he moves his Dragon Away his Army will be totally Outmatched since his Dragon increased the STR of his Army to a Point where I of course had a much larger Army then he has without the Dragon
If he keeps his Dragon there he will lose it fast

He decided to Withdraw the Dragon
Resulting in his Main Army being Slain
after that the Game was Easy
I spread my Troops and ordered em to Attack the Dragon from several sides

all in all the Dragon killed about 2 Knight Squads and 4 or 5 other Squads
but its worth 12 Squads
so it has not done its worth

Dragons are Strong
but always Remember they are Worth several Squads

they are an great Addition to an Army since they can take out large Enemy Groups
but they are very weak if Faced with several small groups

Dragons are Strong Guarellias since you can Fire and Withdraw
but against 6 9 or 12 Squads (respective for the Dragons) they wont stand a chance if your enemy knows what he is doing

also Dragons are strong at backing your Army
but the Enemy will have an much Bigger Army so you cant withdraw the dragon since it would mean that the Enemy has easy Game overpowering your Army

This doesnt Change for Siege
dont forget
you have the Option to use your Walls
your not Forced to use em

I for example always attack the Enemy
I attack him with the target of taking down any Siege Equipment
and only after that I Withdraw to my Town unless of course I win

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