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Old 02-12-2012, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by GamerGuy View Post
Id just like to start off saying i really wouldnt know there was a patch update unless you told me and i had to wait for a download to log in.....

I been a loyal fan of this game for a long time now but with each passing patch my hope for this game fades. (shouldnt it be the other way around?)

The co op does not seem to work, dragon stats do not seem to have been changed much at all and infact i would go so far as to say they really break the whole seige thing in this game. I mean its pretty stupid when you attack someone with a dragon and or they have dragons defending their city and it just comes down to launching flaming fireballs at each other and running away to regenerate health.... The dragons are killable now thats nice but who cares the pvp is still so messed up you basically have to agree in advance with someone to pvp with you..... hardly the atmosphere any gamer is looking for in pvp.... Its like an old fashioned duel where 2 gentelmen agree on a time and place and the butler walks out with a box that has inside 2 identical pistals. Not much of the war time defend what is yours, take what is not gameplay i was hoping for. I mean come on when people have to say in chat "Anyone wanna pvp?" the the response is "not right now im not ready still building my city up" you know you have problem.....

I dont know what hope there is for this game or if anyone is gunna be around playing it when and if you finally get something put together thats worth of gamers time, but i can tell you if you dont fix that lame ass pvp menu screen, as in the way players interact with each other in pvp like how the game matches you up, your gunna have a virtual ghost town on ur hands (not that you dont already).

Tell that to the Guy whos Red Dragon got done in within Seconds by my Halberdiers *gg*
Dragons are Strong against Slow Infantry and make good Siege Weapons
but they dont Damage walls and they wont do anything about light Infantry
also they take enormus damage against Halberdiers
in the End theyre just an Big Fire Launcher
they cant do anything while your engaged with enemy army since they would kill their own people along
they lose easily when faced with spread out Pikes or Maces charging em
and they wont be useful unless the player keeps Commanding it all the time making it nearly impossible to properly control the remaining Army

They are not as strong as most people think
I still vote for some more other Hero Units tough
there should be more Strong Fighters others then only Dragons
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