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Default Modding Questions

Basically, I pm'ed Konstantin Fomenko about some modding questions I had, and he said it would be good for me to post them for others to see. So I guess if anyone has other questions about the modding aspect of the game, they can post them here and the team will answer them when they can.

The posts:

Originally Posted by Grizzlez
Firstly, I'd like to congratulate you on an awesome job on what you have shown us so far. Definately will be getting this game without a doubt and try to get my friends to get it as well.

My question, will this game be able to be modified, either in terms of adding new models and characters or even just a worldbuilder/map editor type feature.

If you can let me know what you can about this i'd really appreciate this.

Thanks, Grizzlez.
Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko
Hi and welcome to our community.

It might surprise you that good number of our employees including myself come from RTS modding community. So we feel really strongly about delivering the best RTS editor on the market and leaving the game open to all kinds of modding.

Retail package of dawn of fantasy will feature Developer tools - World Editor, Unit Editor, Model and Animation Viewer. Anybody with 3D Studio max will be able to easily make their own units. And all game files will be completely open to modding.

More ever, we plan to create a modding community website accessible right from the game multiplayer browser. So mod packs and custom scenarios will be available to all the players, even on Xbox360 platform.

Originally Posted by Grizzlez
Will you be able to tell me some more about the modding capabilities?

In terms of, how the unit editor etc will work-like can it be used online or only offline type games. How does the new things created work with the game?

Because its an MMORTS I'm not too sure how it will all work and what you have in mind, so any enlightenment on this would be really helpful for me, because if it all sounds good i'll probably start with some models and getting a team together etc soon so we can have something near the release of the game.
Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko
Dawn of Fantasy has two games in one - single-player and mmorts (as well as multiplayer skirmish)

While you won`t be able to release any content for MMORTS (not approved by our studio at least), you`ll be free to release single-player campaigns, scenarios, and multipayer skirmish levels.

Oh and by the way, feel free to repost our conversation in general forum if you like - I think other forumers would like to join into this conversation and learn more about DoF editing.