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Originally Posted by neestas View Post
Thing is, I'm not experiencing absolutely any problems in other games. I haven't crashed a single time in DoF either. Problem is heat. Even with all minimum settings I'm sitting at 80-85 degrees celsius with fans @85%... Other, much more demanding games I don't have such heat issues even on high settings. It's not normal that it's heating like that when it's only at 50-60% load and it's not normal it jumps to 100% load as soon as I switch to medium or high settings. And I'll repeat - I get this only in DoF, so it's not my hardware issue.
Ok.. I see what you mean.

I just downloaded MSI Afterburner & removed my GC's overclock (put it back to its stock 822mhz) & everything was going just fine.....

..... right up until the Application Hanged. GPU Usage jumped up to 100% & I was forced to ctrl-Alt-Delete out of the game & shut it down.

I d call my fiddling with the GC a success overall: Normally the game just kicks me to desktop with no warning. This time it didn't do it automatically... with the card fighting to keep playing it (Music was blaring still... with the image frozen).

I suspect given your having no issues on other games & the symptoms are the same for your & my cards (insane GPU Usage) that Reverie really does need to work on Nvidia support.

For the record: I play the game on high settings. I ve resisted downgrading since a new card like the GTX 560 Ti shouldn't have to play on low settings

Next plan: I m gonna put the factory overclock back on - taking it to 835mhz. I m then gonna increase the voltage from 0.975 to 1.000 & see how that goes.

Temperature never exceeded 55 Celsisus btw... even when my card hit 100% GPU usage. Thats probably due to:

A.) My card being a overclocked model.. so having 2 cooling-fans (instead of 1 standard fan).
B.) I disabled the automatic-fan controller & enabled user-profile on MSI Afterburner....

.... current fan speed settings are 40% for up to 30C, 50% if it hits 50C, 70% if it hits 60C, 80% if it hits 70C, 90% for 80C & 100% for 90C.

Seems to be working to keep the temperature down and prevent the card getting damaged.

Will now tread VERY carefully with the increased voltage (which will impact temperature).

I ll report back tomorrow night with my findings to see if the extra voltage has helped stabilise my card when playing Dawn of Fantasy.


Attempt Record:

- Standard Factory Overclock: 835mhz & 0.975 Voltage: Failed. Crash's to desktop upon hitting 100% GPU Usage
- Underclock to stock settings: 822mhz & 0.975 Voltage: Failed. Application Hang upon hitting 100% GPU Usage.
- Standard Factory Overclock: 835mhz & 1.000 Voltage: In process

- Underclock to stock settings: 822mhz & 1.000 Voltage: Future Plan.
- Overclock to 850mhz & 1.000 Voltage: Future Plan.
- Overclock to 875 mhz & 1.000 Voltage: Future Plan.

Not really comfortable going past 1.000 Voltage. Read on a lot of forums about the 560 Ti that it should be safe anywhere between 1.025 > 1.050 Voltage... but am not really keen to test that out lol.

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