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Old 02-08-2012, 03:51 PM
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Default City Disappeared/reverted

Okay, so Konstantin sieged my city which then decided to promptly OOS and revert my city back to the beginning and, as a bonus, drop my hero from level 30 to 15. This was a human city, to clarify.

Pertaining what I had beforehand, I had two mills, one of each building (Barracks, archery range, etc.) with a second barn on the way, 36 technologies researched (This is all still on my in-game profile page, so I don't know if the upgrades still "count" or not) - all forge, formations, veterancy, fire for archers and trebuchet, etc. All economic research for food, stone, and wood. (None for gold) Sheep income was upgraded (That's important!). I had both layers of walls done in stone, with all towers upgraded to either square or round, with round towers next to each gatehouse - the upgraded versions. All towers had trebuchets, and most bastions either had or were getting oil pots. I also had the max amount of spike traps and houses. All gatehouses were upgraded with the exception of one - it wasn't finished upgrading yet.

As far as my units went, I had roughly 50 in total. I believe I had 9 crossbowmen, 17 archers, 6 macemen, my hero, ~12 halberds and 10 swordsmen. This is going off of how I had distributed my units - 3 crossbowmen per gate, 3 swords at each outer gate with 4 by the town center, 6 macemen for whatever, and halberds evenly distributed throughout (Dragons be damned!). There were also 6 peasants - 3 for each mill.

I think that touches all the highlights, and most of everything else. Numbers may be off and I can't remember all the upgrades I had done, but I think it's fairly accurate. Hope the log I sent helps, and I also hope I get my stuff back :P