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Old 02-08-2012, 12:24 PM
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1) Many of the elf technologies if not all once purchased don't count or act abnormally.
Gold Preservation at the alchemy lab instead of reducing the amount it used to transmute it increased it drastically from -5 gold per minute to -25 gold per minute.
Deer Communion even though it shows it's in effect really has no effect as all deer still cost 70 food per.
Deer Synergy seems to have no effect, my deer went from producing 9 food per minute to 7 food per minute.
***Ditto to Spirit Communion and Spirit Synergy
Many of the increased stats (attack,stamina,health) activate and deactivate at will. Leaving units with their health bars half full at almost all times. Some stats don't seem to stack properly with the traits

2) Dwarven Miners become idle upon logging out and logging in (even if just for a brief moment) Generally not all of them become idle (or not that I'm able to see) but at least 1 or 2 will just stand around after logging in

3) Symbosis plots only seem to have units gather from them if you're watching them, otherwise they go idle and stand around. It's really frustrating to have to come back and micro manage every 5 seconds.

4) Has been addressed but I feel the need to add it to the list. Treants only work as drop off points for wardens, would be nice if this could be extended to dwarfs as well.

5) Many spelling and grammar errors throughout the elven campaign (Obviously not the elven language, I'm talking about the english version)

6) On the quest Woe to the wood elves it is possible to enter the quest, loot the corpses, then exit and repeat for an infinite amount of gold.

7) Unable to tell if multiple alchemy labs work in unison. Possible bug?

EDIT: On the gold preservation thing, I now have a ...: +656 Gold! This is of course after it ran my gold to 0.... GRRRR
EDIT2: Could the ... thing possibly be explained because it doesn't make sense to me...
EDIT3: More Bugs

8) Unit stats on the world map display incorrectly at times. Haven't noticed until recently with my fully upgraded elven army.

9) Could just be me, but range units are nigh unable to hit moving targets. Like really? Professional archers aren't trained in aiming where the unit is going to be instead of where the unit was?

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