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Originally Posted by Sunleader View Post
But I think its Interesting to do such Tests once in a while
Seeing how far they Match my Own Picture I have about Myself
Seen as we are on the topic of Philosophy, how can you match a picture of yourself with only one conscious?
Rather how does your current Consciousness Define 'self'(Sub-Consciousness, Consciousness, and Soul) in clarity if it is not whole to begin with? If your Consciousness does not agree with your Sub Consciousness then 'I' is but a fragment of your 'Self'.
lol confusing isn't it, not sure if you will get what I mean but if you do then you will understand that this test is invalid and all tests like it because believe it or not what influences people the most in important thought patterns is not consciousness.

Ever hear of the saying: A part of me wants to do (Blah something here) but another part of me wants me to (blah) instead.....

Go ahead and tell me I'm a Schizo. lol but honestly when deciding to do something its best to consult on all of your self before letting your consciousness act. Ever hear of the saying "Sleep on it?" I have and when you wake up, your Sub-Consciousness' influence on your Consciousness is known.

Heck I've gone to bed with math equations in my head that 'I' could not get at all, I'd wake up 5 am in the morning jump on it with the correct algorithm.
When people say we only use 10% of our brains, they are speaking about our Consciousness... How the hell do you expect it to define the other 90%?
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