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Old 02-06-2012, 10:18 AM
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Default Known Bug List

--Army--World map--mouse over toop tip,some dragons dont have name in pop-up like every other unit.Green-ice-red-royale

--Elf houses everything says food,changeing messes stuff up,sunken in swamp

--Enchanters,stone tippers,default ability name,for some spells and abilities,instead of their names

--Timers in PVP wrong,timers go faster than one anouther in pvp

--Incorrect health doesnt reset until point is put into health,this isnt a big one,and is possibly fixed<--- think this is a remnant of a bug already fixed,and shouldnt effect much anymore,will see if i can get it to happen if not,will remove.

--Dragons,slight tail dmg,or knockdown,add ice a fireball type,greens should be faster,fireball,aim at ground to hit units on walls/towers,isnt exactly a bug

--Real fog of war

--Wardens and the like,new ones from npc mercs have half the health they should until dmged in some way,think its because the swamp elf bonus-lvl 1's when healed fully after damage,spawn in new maps with half hitpoints still.This isnt just wardens,its any unit that gains a bonus from homecity creation,location/choosen traits..

--Bladestorm in npc merc second tooltip is missing the "y" in sowrd infantr,mounter grand master,same thing in calvary,bolt thrower missing "n",possible last letter missing or cut off somehow

--Minimap---just in genral screwed

--marauders,very slow to level,on live this is an issue,Think this is cleared in next patch

--Speach triggers on log in-delay them,heheh really annoying

--Royales/Haunters/ice/red attack gate house,wasnt sure if this was intended

--forest spirits,1/10 ?

--Fireball,specially the greens,close range attacks WAY off,instead of arching up and falling in place,it shoots straight line,is terrible misses everything all willy nilly

--sound volume--settings in general-found out this is actually the voices,not the sfx or music

--beserkers-large ammounts,losing crushing defence in home city

--Options menu,all of them,need to be fixed.

--Dragons do not revive correctly after death in homecity

--Male wardens cant level,but are a military unit for swamp elfs,think laborers fall under same catagory for orcs

--Female wardens,and males,dont have wind/stone stance

--Ranged units unable to hit a moving target

--Dwarf miners using treants as drop offs :<

--Able to abuse some quests by going in,looting,and leaveing,without actually doing the quest,add timer?

--Alchemy labs,and their related research,both screwed

--New researches dont seem to be applied correctly until relog.

--In order to show correct prices for units in homecity,either from research or from bonus on creation,you have to select buildings twice.

--Trebs and stonetippers,are not "remembering" if their loaded or not when you relog,so every time you log in,they all reload,can cost quite a bit of stone per relog

--Dwarfunits.dragons,show wealth cost after they have been bought,and are in the bank,leads to some confusion when deploying them.

I will be trying to maintian this list accurately,and will not add every bug until its been confirmed,and hopefuly will be removing bugs as patches become available,or if the fix is already done for the next patch.If i am unsure of a bug,i will test,on live and or the test server,or both depending on nature of the bug,and post results,either updateing the list,asking for more information from poster,or confirming it is fixed.

Any dev,or other QA member may confirm a bug,or a fix,and I will update list accordingly(duh)

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