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Old 02-05-2012, 04:59 PM
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Default Lost my Green Dragon?


I just redeemed a code which came with my dawn of fantasy limited edition.

I had 2 codes: One which gave influence points, another which gave units (Green Dragon).

I used the influence points to purchase a Royal Dragon. Given the game has been crashing randomly for me on occassions, I decided to log-out (In the hopes it would save my information & prevent me loosing my dragons).

I then logged back in - my royal dragon was still in my "Bank" on the market waiting for deployment.....

....... but my green dragon is nowhere to be seen (it was previously in my bank waiting for deployment as well)?

I went to use the unit code again (incase for some reason it hadn't gone through) - it says its been used already.

The code is yvcSLx4ryq

ingame username is ian1246

Email address is

Please help me.