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Old 02-03-2012, 11:03 AM
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466mhz is very low and slow, you should consult your cpu manual and motherboard manual and find the max mhz ram you can have, you said DDR2 800 dual channel, that tells me the max is 800 mhz but I may be wrong there.

In my books ram's Mhz is the speed at which ram transfers data to and from your cpu and hdd, I would recommend you upgrading to the highest mhz ram and that your running windows 7 I'd fill your duel channel with 4x2gb 800 mhz for total of 8gb at 800mhz, should run the game much much much better and games down the road, that 466mhz will kill your gaming down the road as your memory will greatly cap the abilities of your CPU and GPU.

I had a AM2 amd duel core 3.0ghz cpu with geforce 9600gt 512 mb video card with 3 gbs of ram, 2 sticks where 667 mhz the other was some Korean 1 gb at 333 something mhz this uneven mixed up ram cause all the sticks to run at 333mhz and holy crap, lag spikes on and off as it dumped ram from one stick to another and all that crap. was horrible, not only in dof but in other games like large scale battles in mount and blade. Anyways I rebuilt my pc and to my surprise the geforce 9600 gt performs 300% better than it did before because of the cpu motherboard and ram being upgraded so much. So really I think your video card and cpu currently are INSANELY limited due to your current ram.

I rebuilt my old pc with windows 7 64 bit, upgraded the ram to 4gb ddr2 800 mhz and the pc performs very well, although it has a smaller video card now (due to psu being only 350w)
I'm 95% sure your pc would run games 2 times better if your ram was improved to the board's limit, not in size but in mhz. if it can support ddr2 1066 mhz ram, frikken buy 2x4gb, yeah your pc would rip dof apart even on larges scale battle, we would have to co-op play sieging dagbor dude, i take one side you take other side! 2x60 size armies facing off against Dagbors massive army.

This is just my opinion though.

my new specs.
i5 2500k 3.8 ghz quad core
geforce 9600gt 512mb
2x4gb 1600 mhz ram.
intel p8z68 motherboard, supports upto 32 gbs of 2200mhz ram.
seagate 500 gb hhd.
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