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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
more like +100k
Tell you the truth I can make a mill gold in an hour easy. Never have but I just can't see myself going back to spending hours getting the resources, hours making the troops and then more hours leveling only to have the entire army wiped in 1 battle. What makes this game fun is the fighting, not the making of troops.

Also fireball is the ONLY thing that makes dragons even slightly powerful. HP won't matter cause once it's in range of an army it's dead. Fire wall doesn't matter because if your using it along with the dragons normal attack your too damn close and your dragon will die. AND now it's dead forever go figure?

Now your saying that being able to buy units easily is immersion killing. How exactly? If I'm a rich king with my own land and castle etc I should easily be able to afford a few armies here and there. What IS immersion and fun killing is never finding a PvP ever. Maybe if more people knew how to make gold fast there would actually be armies to contend with rather then the majority too scared to lose their army they have worked so hard on (understandable).

Now onto Joseph. I do have plenty of dragons actually but the amount of power they add makes it impractical to really have more then 1 in an army. That being said I haven't found a battle in a couple months that included my dragon as on the rare occasion I find a PvP it is at a low army strength. Also without being able to buy armies this game will suffer hugely. Troops SHOULD be easy to get so people can actually enjoy the best part of the game... Combat, instead of worrying about how 1 archer troop could die the entire fight.
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