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Old 02-02-2012, 04:13 PM
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if china conquers the world... they will be stuck with all the mcdonnalds toys they have been making for the last decades

the world = gonna end... when the sun decides its out of H and He it will start burning on other elements which eventually will make its size exponentially grow till its turned big enough to absorb the earth in its mass

long before the sun actually eats earth it be scorched into a giant dusty rock

then once it hits iron it will stop burning eventually and well... i hope by then we invented interstellar space transportation

i don't remember were i saw it but i remember someone somewhere talking about our sun turning into a supernova last week
god that made my facepalm... everyone knows only fast burning star's can produce a supernova due there unstable nature... and that our beloved sun is not 1 of those...
some people and there imagination

so the world will end !
unless of course humankind decides to reshape earth into a giant spaceship
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