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Old 02-02-2012, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Safey18 View Post
Your serious your not letting us trade with npc's for profit? Even with the useless way that villagers gather resources? Well if you wanted to make me quit you have succeeded. /back to SWTOR

until we create a dynamic economy, the profit of any sort from 60 horse carts is to exploitative, people have made million gold in only a few days. it is pathetic. Having the game's economy completely broken is the game breaker as it takes you out of immersion.

Making your vast armies of mercenaries a little harder to get will improve gameplay not destroy it. There is much more imersion involved with training your own troops from your homeland, leveling them up and having them win or lose a battle than a bunch of level 8 army you just bought at dagbor for 21,000 gold.

Originally Posted by Safey18 View Post
OMG WHAT!?!? You have made dragons kill able yet you are making them significantly weaker... Extra HP yes but a 33% reduction in range and an increase in stamina cost for abilities. Wow your destroying this game for me.

Having a dragon siege your stronghold endlessly with fireballs that out range everything in game is hardly balanced.

The only reason why I think this ruins the game for you is because you have no workers and just trade carts and you have dragon only armies everywhere and your tactics involve the ones we are removing?

Anyways hope you come back later on games going to be great when the game does not have endless resources endless wealth and endless dragons with a new pathfinding system.
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