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Old 02-02-2012, 05:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Novakiller View Post
I think this could be a good patch indeed, but my main concern is the dragons, most of the changes i like, and probably a much needed change as well with people having "Dragons Only" armies, but i feel that with the event dragons like the ones we got for halloween and the ice dragon, i think it would be extremely harsh to loose such a 1 chance item, now that my dragon is spawned as you have to spawn them when u spoke to your adviser, as apposed to it being just made available thru the market, its going to become very difficult to keep them alive eventually, would be a shame to loose them to some random pvp just because your moving on the map. Regular dragons that you can buy on the market i can agree with, not i really dont like "This" change comming to the only specialty items that we'll never get again. There wont be much point in using them.
a way to fix this say if you are getting invaded and all your dragons are in there you can use a ability that makes the dragon "incubate" it will take about 2 minutes to cast but if interrupted will do massive damage to the dragon so it won't be used in middle of combat this way also it needs to be at full health this way if someone is invading you and you decide to not use your dragon but you know this guy will overpower you then you can save your dragon just to stop this exact case, also this part seems interesting

"-Heros can be trained at npc towns upto level 30 for extremely high costs."

that seems very nice but i don't envy the guy who has to spend all those skill points at once
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