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Old 05-27-2008, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Ryan Zelazny View Post
I've gone over Xbox differences before. However it's more on a general term. I've said before that visual quality will be better on the xbox version. This is a -general- term, based on the fact that most of our estimated players will have PCs with capabilities lower than the Xbox 360. For those of you like Tyranick and others who have mentioned they have exceptional gaming rigs, you definately will get better graphics than those on the Xbox.

However, as I have stated before, Xbox 360 users will have the benefit that the game is optimized for them. The 360 version should never lag or drop dramatically in FPS during play. The same cannot be said about the PC, due to the fact that everyone's system is different, so settings must be tweaked by the user, and users will experience drops in performance.

Our Xbox 360 interface is completely different from our PC interface (the way you control the game). You do almost nothing the same way, all the same features are available, but the way your queue units, move units, attack, even select things are different. We don't just replace the mouse movement with the analog stick and give you a couple extra hot keys. We are mapping the controls and changing the interface of the game to compliment the 360 rather than just making it playable.

You will be able to download custom content, as well as our released expansion packs on Xbox 360. We will not be including an editor with the 360 version. However, you may be able to download the editor for the PC using the serial number of your 360 game, we are still debating about this, but I believe this will be available as it shouldn't be too costly or time consuming for us to setup.

The Xbox 360's also tend to have faster internet connections for online play. This is due to the small amount of security issues they have, seeing as the only internet places they connect to are Xbox Live and other 360's they aren't required to have as many security features as Windows does.

Wow, the 360 version sounds pretty good. But so does the PC version. It sounds like they both have areas where one excells over the other. I believe my PC should be able to play this game on max settings and I have a 360 so now comes my second question. If you had the choice, which version would you buy?