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Old 01-31-2012, 10:12 AM
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As a sidenote
While its fact that if All Nuclear Power Plants were to have a Super Gau at the Same Time our Planet would be pretty impossible for Human Life
it would not be the End of the World
Theres still lifeforms which survive Nuclear Hazard
Also Humans survive Nuclear Hazard to certain extends and the chance theat we evolve to some Immunity at some point is actually pretty high
tough lifespan would be shortened by about 80% and Populace would most likely be thinned to less then 1% of current values

an EMP would actually not really make Nuclear Power Plants Detonate
Well at least not in Central Europe

German Powerplants for example are completly safe
this is archieved by Mechanics which Brilliant and Simple at the Same time

The Core Elements are moved inside Reactor by an Electronical Powered Device
this is standart for any Nuclear Power Plant

but the Element is moved up and wont be anchored inside
means if Electrical Power were to be Cut
the Nuclear Element would fall back into the Cooling Room
(tough even in case of electrival blackout this wont happen since German Plants have Fuel Powered Reserve Generators with solely mechanical electric components for manual take over in emergency)

Same goes for Cooling Pumps
German (and most other Countrys in EU) Nuclear Power Plants are forced by Law to have non Electrical Pumps (Motors using Fuel instead of Electrical Power) in Reserve to take over Service in Emergency :P
(unfortunately the Japanese didnt have those if they had not needed to Import em from Germany first, they could have prevented this whole catastrophe)

So EU would actually be pretty much unharmed
with exception of the Radiation coming over from other Countrys
but this will not be that extreme that living becomes impossible

I dont know exact laws for USA but I am pretty sure they have similar Laws to enforce Nuclear Power Plant Security and thus also can rely on fueled motors to take over cooling in emergency :P
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