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Old 01-31-2012, 09:00 AM
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The Universe is working in Dimensions which are on a scale we can hardly comprehend
Just the moment you read this Post it might happen that another Planet which crosses our Orbit around the Sun every 10 million years crosses it again and this time comes that close that our Orbit is changed or does even hit us
This would result in our Atmosphere being eradicatet and spilled all around and would almost certainly mean the End for Humanity
(well theres a minimum chance that alot of Miracles happen alltogether and some few people might survive ^^
Of course this would mean the other Planet hits us in angle that will not change orbit to much and will not destroy the whole Planets hull and all such many little miracles which have about the same chance as another planet hitting our planet with the little exception that all of this extremly unlikely events have just one chance to happen while the chance of another planet hitting us is there again every day :P)

So in short
Yes its Possible the World might End
no its not likely to be in 2012 :P
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