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Old 01-31-2012, 08:04 AM
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Default PVP Protection

Ok so I am a little confused on how pvp protection works. So far I started a new homeland on rolling plains, I have it built up completely except the walls, also never did any quests outside my still on peasant revolt. At the moment im bolstering my army and lvling my hero and Royal. But I want to be sure well im focusing on non pvp stuff atm that I dont get pvp'ed in the middle of my prep project to rule in pvp later....
I want to buy pvp protection every 48 hours but so far its greyed out....most likely because I have not built my wals and thus my homeland atm is not attackable?

But does that main I cant be targeted for pvp from my army if I have not built my walls or progressed in the story?

And when I do have pvp protection on, does it stop homeland pvp and army pvp?