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Old 01-30-2012, 06:29 PM
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Fine, here is the patch list preview, still adding to it.

This is my listing of patch notes, does not include work from other people working in co-op or chat features. Just what I've done so fair.

Patch # 1.1.9

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-All Dragons are now killable on level 8. (inc event dragons)
-Dragons that are under level 8 do not reset skills or level when they respawn.
-All Player Dragons that are killable and die become lootable in Wealth at 25% their cost.
-Fixed issue with game getting stuck while trying to connect if your defending in PvP.
-Balanced npc town resource trading, it will not be profitable until we add dynamic markets.
-Fixed issue with Cannon Grape Shot where it used wrong weapon damage.
-Fixed issues and polished Homeland Resource Storage Cap.
-Fixed issue in quests where npcs sometimes play idle animation while moving.
-Fixed gamebreaking errors to do with Area Point Buttons such as Trebuchet's Attack Area.

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Improved world map cloud effects. May flicker very rarely.
-Fixed visual glitch in graphics options with 'Extras' text overlapping.
-Fixed issue with Dwarf Formations needing human tech. Unlocked right from start.
-Fixed issue with stamina displaying incorrect amount.
-Fixed issues with worker voice overs playing wrong ones on different tasks.
-Fixed issue with Dwarf Miners income not displaying correctly.
-Health stat changed to average health of current members living.
-Added health stat of a percent of battalion's overall health.
-Fixed issue with Elves not having first 10 buildings build faster as other races do.
-Fixed issue where destroyed palisade walls where still impassible.
-Viewing npc towns will properly remove fog, as before it would build up from last scenes.
-1 Wolf Pack will now respawn in all homelands randomly.
-Numerous very tiny fixes.

:::::Balance Changes:::::
-Dragons start out with slightly higher health. Event Dragons have quite a bit more health.
-Red Dragon now costs 80 Wealth from 86.
-Green Dragons now costs 40 Wealth from 52.
-Dwarven Axemen now cost 8 Wealth from 6.
-NPC Black Dragon loot changed to 4000 gold.
-NPC Red Dragon loot changed to 2000 gold.
-NPC Green Dragon loot changed to 400 gold.
-Ice Dragon loot set to 80 Wealth
-Haunter Dragon loot set to 80 Wealth
-Dragon fireball ability range reduced to 1000 from 1500
-Dragon abilities' cost in Stamina increased.
-Storage Cap default is now 5000.
-Maximum Storage with Population and Techs is 12000 resources.
-Storage Techs prices greatly increased.
-Healing Potions on elite units changed to 100 stamina, heals 300 health over 1 minute.
-Healing potion removed from Human Cavaliers and Elven Mounted Rangers
-Goblin Strength value increased, as high leveled goblins can do a lot of damage.
-Trample ability damage reduced for mounted units.
-Charging and Trampling Pike Infantry now does x5 damage than before.
-Mounted units cause x3 damage to ranged units and x4 to goblins.
-Foot Knights health is now 500 from 600, damage 100 from 150.
-Dwarf Miner mining rate increased 200%.
-Cannon's resistance to arrows increased greatly.
-Each pellet from Cannon Grape Shot now damages 400 piecing instead of 2000 crushing.
-Fully upgraded Gatehouses now have +5000 health from +2000 than default Gateways.
-Workers and Livestock in world map Army Camps now generate a lot less resources.
-Recruiting Mercenaries from npc towns now costs x2.
-Recruiting Mercenaries from npc towns can not be bought at levels above 5.
-Training troops to higher level in npc towns now costs x5 or greater.
-Heros can be trained at npc towns upto level 30 for extremely high costs.
-Dwarves can be trained at npc towns upto level 5 for a large cost.
-Cost of healing units at npc towns: 1 gold per 10hp, 10 gold per member revived.
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