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Old 01-30-2012, 06:14 PM
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2012 prep, thats a joke, if a solar flare did hit earth and cause mass electronic malfunction all the nuclear plants would melt down which would be the end of the living earth for like 500,000 years, so how the hell do you prepare to survive that? So why be bothered about it. That's besides all the fact that they are full of ****.

The translation from the Mayan Calendar was miss translated, it was not "End of the World" it was "End of an AGE" its just like our 12 month calendar with years, exept for them its (hours, days, years, ages) and if you think about it, we are at an end of an age here.
I believe Moore's law is ending or ended and the acceleration of technology is fair beyond what is 'released' to us.

see you all 2013.

soooo your not coming to the party then
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