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The Death of Duncan Kallarn the Orders Tallest Leader

Several Years Ago
when Gilder was still a Young Paladin who had received his Title but mere Months ago

Reports of an Old Magic Dragon made their Way to Duncans Quarters

Dragons were not a rare sight lately
but none of em were beyond mere Beasts

an Relic of the Past
and Old Magical Dragon Clad in Dark Red Scales 3 times as Tall as the Royal Dragons that were Breeded and Sold to the Mightiest Kings and Nobles

The Southern Mountains had always been an den of Dragons
and Adventurers often Strifed the Lands hoping to find Dragons Treasures

But this was Different
The Dragon capable of speaking Human Words demanded Sacrifices and kept Terrorising Rolling Plains Boulders and Arrows Fired from Ballista and Trebuchets could not Injure it and even the Most Capable Knights were Burned to Ashes without ever coming close enough to even Scratch those glimmering Scales with their Blades

Was one of the Oldest of his Race
Rumors even claimed him to be Invinceble after having lived for a Millenium

Duncan Kallarn ordered his most Capable Paladins to Gather
His Party would only Number to a little more than 20 Men but their Combat Force would easily compete with that of an whole Army

Gilder von Schattenkreuz who had been on Missions with Duncan lately

Tearis Parden which just returned from Negotiations with one of the Nobles close to the Mountain Monastry in the Northern Mountain Rig that divided Elvish and Human Realms

Fenris Val which had just Joined the Order and Basicly Received the Title of Paladin at the same time as Gilder

Lawrence Trez
An Mage that had Joined the Order 40 Years Ago
and since then Actet as Duncans closest Advisor would also be among the Paladins

Lawrence often Proved to be a Cold Man
Some called him a Wicked Monster
He was Close to the Magic of the World and his Mimic never Showed any Feelings

Patrick Galen which nowdays serves as Aid to King Erian was the last of the Importand Paladins
His Armor that much more looked like that of a Thief than that of a Knight was but one of the Indications he Showed to his past Experiance with Sorcery

In the Early Evening
Duncan ordered to set the Camp while still being in Human Borders

Duncan: "Tomorrow we will Enter the Dragons Den and hopefully we will surprise him inside his Cave"
Gilder: "We cant Fight him if he Flys around so we need to Face him inside his Own Lair I hope Master Lawrence can Protect us From his Fire otherwise this is gonna be a Short trip"
Patrick: "Haha Lawrence will most likely Sight like someone lecturing Children when you Ask him to raise his Hands an Cast a Shield"
Lawrence: "I feel the Power of this Old Dragon he knows we are here and he awaits us.... His Mind is full of Joy at the tought of us Facing him...
I wonder if we can ask him some things about the Old Legends before we Slay him. Its a rare chance to meet someone who has seen the Gods for himself"
Patrick: " See what I mean? We are about to Face a Monster thats Bigger than a Noble Estate and he plans drink some Tea with it ....."
(Patrick nearly looked Desperate when he Said that)
Gilder: "Well at least it seems he does not Rule out our Victory upon Feeling that Old Dragons Power"
Lawrence: " He is wise enough to not Show us his Full Power I dont think I will be able to guess our Chance of Victory before we actually Fight..."
Fenris Slightly Grinning : "You sure know how to keep down the Troops Mo......."
Gilder held her Mouth and pulled he back little
Lawrence did not care at all
And the Paladins spread out upon Duncan declaring that he has no intention to miss on sleep for brooding over it.

In the Morning they Crossed into the Dragons Territory
Duncans Halberd Gleaming in the Sun seemed Light in his Big Hands
a Small Green Dragon Feeding upon some Adventures that from the looks of it had died several Days ago bared his Fangs at Duncan not even 1 hour away from the Border
Duncan who had not even bothered to stop Walking Slashed his Halberd into the small Dragons Head with a Power that made the Dragon Roll Over its own Head
He had cleanly Cleaved a large Wound deep into the Dragons Head
the Dragon was Dead before it hit the Ground

And behind Duncan all Paladins except Tearis, Patrick and Gilder who had been on Missions with Duncan before had Drawn their Swords
Lawrence however had not even bothered to even look at the Spectacle
he slowly wandered a little right to Duncan and seemes like his Eyes could not leave up from the Magical Dragon that was still a 5 hour long Marsh Ahead and long not in sight for any Normal Human Being.

Fenris had been Uneasy after Crossing the Border and sticked to Gilder like he was the Only Person around she could rely on
She had been sticking to Gilder since they Became Paladins
but this was Different
She walked slightly behind Gilder not averting her Eyes unless something happened
Gilder which was irritatet by her not only being Silent but also walking close enough behind him to hear her Breathing decided to finally ask her what this wa about.
Gilder: "You not Feeling well Fenris? Its unlike you to be Scared!"
Fenris was annoyed at his lack of conscioness she fell back a few Steps behind him and muttered something to herself
Lawrence: "She might not be an Pure Blooded High Elv but she is still a Magical Being her Blood and Senses must make it hard on her not to turn around and Run for her Life when you Consider the Immense Magical Power thats lying ahead of us"
Patrick startet Grinning: "You Sure Lawrence? When she Entered Gilders Tent yesterday she hardly looked like she was Scared."
Patrick had ended the Sentence while Evading a Sword Slash of Fenris whose Face was bright Red.
Fenris wanted to say something but Gilder who grabbed her Swordhand pulling her along a little was faster: "Dont waste your Life Patrick or do you want to end like Kolhen last Month? "

Kolhen was unlucky last Month
He Knocked on the Door of Gilders Room and entered immediatly After
Gilder who was reading a Book in his Chair used a gestik to tell him that he should keep his Voice Down
while pointing at Fenris which was Sleeping under a Blanket on a Fur clad Bank at near the Bookshelv

Kolhen was stupid enough to talk about his encounter the next day
And at Lunch Fenris who had heared the Rumor of her Sharing Gilders Room last Night would not let Kolhen Explain anything much less Ask him anything while Slashing his Head with her Sword.
Kolhen was less agile then Patrick and had no chance to Evade that Slash
on the other hand Fenris did not draw the Sword out of its Scabbard
Having Kolhen out Cold for several hours
and causing Kolhen to avoid her for 2 weeks before he Dared to at least Enter Gilders Room again after Gilder had talked to him several times Persuading him that she didnt mean to Injure him that hard.....

The Party arrived at the Dragons Lair when the Sun already was beginning to change Colors to the Red

Gilder Grabbed Fenris Shoulder whispering something to Her
And Patrick despite his Grinning decided to not say anything

The Old Lawrence Entered the Lair First Casting a Spell which Lighted out the Whole Cave like it was Noon in the Open Field
Duncan who went right behind him had his Halberd Pointet at the Front
And the other Paladins went in with Drawn Weapons right behind him

Several Dragons were Inside the Lair
And Lawrence was not Duncans Advisor without Reason
Patrick had never seen Lawrence moving his Hands that Fast
and was Impressed at the Old Mans Agility in Shielding the Group against Dragons Fire inside the Large Cave
While this Cave was surely giving a creepy feeling it was by no means Small
even if all 20 Men had formed a Line they could not have touched both Sides of the Cave without spreading more then several meters away from each other

The Paladins were all Experienced Fighters
and Brynn Hagen a Paladin who had fought in the War of Without Kings had found his Use by Shooting the Dragons Eyes with his Crossbow

Alltogether they had 2 Spearmen 1 Halberdier(Duncan) 12 Swordmen Including Gilder, Fenris, Patrick and Tearis 3 Crossbowmen including Brynn and 1 Archer with a Longbow that was nearly as Tall as he himself
(Lawrence who was wearing a Large Staff with Ornaments and was Clad in Metal had not used the Staff even once so far his Right Hand seemed more than enough for Him to Cast Spells)

The Dragons inside the Cave seemed Restless and often Fled Battle When Lawrence Waved his Hands forming a Shield against their Fire

Lawrence Eyes were Gleaming in a Bright Red Color
His Magical Power was Resonating Strongly with the Old Magic Dragon
and the Calm look on his Face made him seem all the more Demonic

After more then 2 Hours they Finally Reached a Large Hollow Point in the Cave
Fenris suddenly fell to her Knees
and Gilder who noticed her behind him turned around with a Face that could not decide between Surprise and Worry
Tearis also hurried over to them while Asking what happened with a Loud Yell

Fenris was Shivering over the Whole Body
and Patrick who immediatly watched over to Lawrence wished he had been wrong in his guess about the cause of Fenris Fear

Lawrence was Grinning Broadly
This was a Sight that Patrick had not seen before despite knowing Lawrence for several Years
Duncan was the Opposite
for the First time on this Travel had a Serios and Concentratet look on his Face

A Deep Voice Resounded in the Heads of the Party
And Lawrence Grinning became even Broader

Dragons Voice: "Mortals..... Be Welcome in my Castle.... You are the First beings not sharing my Blood who has ever been in this Sphere of my Hoardings"
Lawrence began Talking in a Language that none of the other Paladins could understand
And the Dragon listened and it seemed like he answered to Lawrence in Telepathy since Lawrence regularily paused his breath for several minutes

Duncan tapped Lawrence Shoulder and called his Name several Times before Lawrence Finally lowered his Head and and Declared that they should get Ready for a Fight
The Dragon stood up as well Showing the Full Spanwith of his Wings
it was an Imposing Sight
Lawrence Castet a Large Lance made of Ice flying right at the Dragons Heart
and in the Dust of the Lance which was Pulvaerized by the Dragons Claw Duncan moved in on the Dragon trying to cleave his Claw with his Halberd
The Paladins began to Flank the Big Red Dragon on both Sides
But Duncans attempt at hitting the Dragons Claw Failed
And in a Smooth Turn the Dragon used his Tail to Wipe out 3 Paladins on his Right side while Breathing a Wall of Fire that engulfed 5 Paladins on the Left side
Lawrence who had castet a Shield for the 5 knights that failed to take Cover behind Rocks dropped to his Knees when his Shield was broken after holding the Fire off for only a few Seconds

8 of 20 Paladins had Fallen within not even 10 Minutes of Battle
Fenris was unable to Fight at all
and the Look on Gilders Face when he Moved up to Duncans side was all but assuring
Tearis had moved to the 3 Paladins that got thrown away by the Dragons Tail
one of them was Alife and Tearis who was the only one with Medical Knowledge aside from Fenris tried to keep it that way
On the other Side Patrick who had more Luck than the 5 Paladins accompanyng him left his Cover and Threw his Sword at the Dragons Throat

Duncan and Gilder using the Moment when the Dragon looked towards Patrick and rushed at the Dragon while keeping Distance from Each other
And Lawrence using the Brief Time that the Dragon was Occupied by trying to Cleave the two Paladins that were trying to reach his Head, Castet an Enormus Water Spell which showed itself Manifesting as an Storm inside the Cave
Thunder and Lightning struck at the Dragons Wings again and again and the Roar of the Dragon weeped in Pain
But Lawrence down on his Knees hardly had the power left to keep breathing

It was a Bolt of Brynn Hagen that should Safe the Party
Gilder who Pierced the Dragons Left Claw and Pinned it into the Earth Yelled something to Duncan
but Duncan had not needed a message at all to know what Gilder Planned
The Dragon once more Roaring in Pain used his Telepathic Abilitys to Force down most of the Paladins while Inhaling a Large amound of Air
Fire Startet to gather in the Dragons Mouth preparing a Finaly Attack at Gilder covering his own Feet in Fire to end the Paladins Struggle at taking his Head
Brynn Hagen Fired his Crossbow hitting the Dragon right into his Mouth with an Steel Bolt that Pierced Deeply into the Dragon Throat and disturbed him enough to break up his Intention to Breath Fire
It was but a Moment later that Duncan Rammed his Halberd into the Wieldly Shaking and Rampaging Dragons Chest
The Remaining Paw of the Dragon however Found its way to the Dragons Pierced Heart
And 3 of its Claws Pierced Duncans Lungs and Legs as the Dragon slowly Fell over to the Side

Duncan Kallarn had Slain the Oldest Dragon known
but he Paid it with his Life

The Paladins which Recovered his Body to Bury him later knew he was Dead
but Gilder did not leave their Side till he could lay his Hands on his Masters Chest

When Returning to the Castle the 11 Survivors looked not like they came back from Victorios Crusade that safed Thousands of Peoples Lifes
Gilder who had Carried Fenris out of the Cave before she finally got a grip on herself asking him to let her walk herself had not said much during the Way back and was still Walking behind Gilder while looking only at the Floor below him when they Moved trought the Gates
Sir Patrick had excused himself on the Way to Return to Dagbor

Duncan Kallarns Body which was Carried by 2 of the Paladins was mourned by the Knights and Paladings greeting the Returning Force
the 2 Paladins which still had a Body that could be Buried were Carried alongside Duncans Body
and on a fourth cart the Remains of those Burned to Ashes were carried as far as it was possible to recover their remains
All that even allowed to see that this were once Paladins were the Weapons they had laid onto the Ashes as Symbols of the Fallen Warriors

The Upcoming Weeks would be Hectic
And upon Recommendation of Tearis Parden
The Young Paladin and Pupil of Duncan Kallarn would become the Next High Paladin of the Order
Gilder von Schattenkreuz however was not at the Meeting at which his own Fate was Decided

In the Hallway leading to Gilders Quarters Gilder once more looked at Fenris which had rarely raised her Eyes since their arrival at the Castle 4 days ago
Fenris was too shocked to even raise her Arms when Gilder hugged her patting here Head and Whispering something to her
They Often Shared Room or Tent sleeping less than a meter away from each other
but this was the First time he ever did something that made clear that he Knows she is actually a Women and not just a Warrior

Kolhen who Greeted Gilder while after Opening his Quarters Door on the Hallways (his Quarters are just 3 Rooms away from Gilders) Shruk together
and Fenris which had Closed her Eyes after hearing what Gilder whispered to her suddenly became bright red and raised her Eyes at Kolhen
She looked surprised and could hardly hide that she was totally embarassed
Kolhen followed his Survival Instincts and Closed the Door rashly Barricading himself
But Fenris was too shocked to even move

Gilder could hardly hide that he himself was not much less embarassed than her
but moved into his Room slowly followed by Fenris who at hesitatet for s hort moment when he turned around walking towards his room
but then still followed ......

Gilder was should be Appointed as the Orders Leader and Strongest Fighter
not even 3 Months after he Acceptet the Title of Paladin
And Fate once more Proves that Tearis Parden found more then just a Child who lost itrs Parents in the War

Back then Gilder became the Last Name "Von Schattenkreuz" which was decided by Tearis when he Decided to Raise this Boy in a Monastry and which should remind on the Fact that he was raised in the Shadows of the Black Cross

Since Gilder could not Remember his own Last Name he never tought about it more Deeply
But especially among the Knights his Name would resound as that of an Hero bearing the Name of the Silvans Orders Symbol
A Large Black Cross Standing Tall above the Monastrys that belong to the Silvan Order

An many Knights added the Line "In the Shadow of the Black Cross" to their Creeds
To show Respect to their new High Paladin which Embodied the Ideals of a Paladin who was Born to be a Paladin and had never strayed from his Path.....
In the Shadow of the Black Cross. We Fullfill our Duty in your Name.
And Look forward to the Day we Return to your side Silvanos.
Watching over our Comrades as they Fullfill their Duty in your Name.

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