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The Dissappearence of Giants

When the God were Seperated from the World and the Undead had Finally stopped to rise up from the Corpses in the Field
The 4 Races that had Fought Together began to Seperate as well.

THe Giants went into the Wastelands in the South

The Dwarfes went to the Mountains in the East

The Elves went to the Forests in the North

and the Humans went to Mediterran Lands in the West

The High Elves were the First to Break the Alliance
While the Elves seeked to Restore the World to their old Beuty the Dwarfes ragged the Lands seeking for the Worlds Treasures

In the Ensuing War the Giants of which only Few had Survived the War had sided with the Dwarfs which were their closest Friends ever since the Beginning of the World providing them with the Dexterity to build the things their Big Hands would not be able to while they offered the Dwarfs Assistance at Building the Wonders far beyond Dwarfen Size

The Humans which were tought to be Allying with the Elves however stayed out of the War
Deeply Insultet the High Elves distanced from the Humans which would not Support their War for World Renewal

The War raged the Lands for over 100 Years and The High Elves Proved their Superiority in the War with Swords and Magic

The Dwarfes which had been driven ever Further into their Strongholds no longer had the Power to Protect the Giants
and the Giants fled into the Deep Desert

Then However
the course should Change
Two of the Largest Elvish Armys ever seen after the Great War of the Gods had marshed after the Giants to Ensure Victory for Eternity

But what they Found was not the Giants
What they Found was the Orcs

The Hordes had Breeded in Secret and had long become a large Army again
Only few of the Elves Returned from the Desert
giving message over the Threats in the South

The Tacticians realizing that the Hordes were too strong to be Fought Alone while most of the Elvish Troops were Fighting the Dwarfs in the East
planned to seek Human Aid once more
But the High Elves and the King denyd
Never again the Humans should step on Elves Honor
Never again the Humans should dissappoint the Elves

The Hordes came fast
Not Conquering but simply ravaging and burning the Land
They Took the Elvish Swamps up to the Mountain Rig leaving only Mud and Death in their Ways
Being Finally stopped by the Elvish Mountain Fortresses the Hordes swept to the West
They should Take half of the Elvish Forest and half of the Elvish Swamps before they Encountered the Human Armys in the West

Upon losing several Towns near the former Elvish Borders which are now known as Thikken Dal
the Humans Send their Armys to the East
The Elves which had retreatet from the Dwarfes Strongholds Finally Managed to Win the Upper Hand in the War at the Swamps being able to Push back the Hordes into the Death Filled Swamps
It shoudl be ironys Hand that would Stop the Elves Advance at an Elvish Fortress in the Mountain Rigs that nowdays form the Orcish/Elvish Border that the Orcs now used for themselfs

In the West the Human Armys not supported by Magic would not be able to Advance into the Forest
the Humans had neither a way to see in the dark nor did they possess the Orcish Nose uncovering Enemys in the Thick Forests

The Humans lost more and more Territory to ongoing onslaught of the Horde
Finally being able to Contain it at the Mountain Fortress of an City named after the Old King Dagobar
In the End it should be the Humans that seeked out Help from the Elves
and the High Elves fearing to be Attacked from the West as well came

In the Open Fields of Rolling Plains the Elvish Armys Fought their Way into the Human Citys
Combining the Human Armys that vastly Outnumberd those of the Elves with the high skills and magic of Elvish Elite Warriors

At this point nobody would have dreamed that it would take another 50 Years for Rolling Plains to be Recovered.

Upon being Forced Back into the Elvish Lands
the Orcs that had Lost more than 80% of their Hordes startet to become Passively
They startet to Build their own Strongholds and in the Ruins of Elvish High Temples they settled down

The High Elves not caring for material riches were bitter about the loss of the lands and the lives
but ceased their Attacks when the Orcs no longer Invaded their Citys

In this Stalemate the World should stay for a long time
and the Elvish/Human Relations that were hurt before should flourish once more thanks to the everlasting threat Lurking on both Countrys Borders

The Dwarfes had Retreatet Deep Into the Earth
Further than any Elv should ever go willingly
and the Giants that Dissappeared into the Desert should never be seen

But Balance will never hold long
even more so when one side of Balance is kept by the always Growing Tribes of Orcs ...........
In the Shadow of the Black Cross. We Fullfill our Duty in your Name.
And Look forward to the Day we Return to your side Silvanos.
Watching over our Comrades as they Fullfill their Duty in your Name.

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