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Heroes of the Order

Duncan Kallarn
As his Name suggests he is an Nordmann.
Coming from a Proud Fighters Family.

He is 214cm Tall and an very Strong Man
He has Grey Hair that goes a little over his Ears and a Grey Full Beard thats about the same Length as his Hair
He was 28 Years Old when Akari Burned Down

His Favorite Weapon is an Halberd which is a little over 3 Meters Long with a Wooden Staff thats got 5 Iron Parts Attached to it.
The Blunt End of the Staff is Clad in Iron
The Center of the Staff is Clad in a 2 Part Iron Hilt
The Head is made of 3 Iron Parts
First the Axe Blade which is about 40cm Long
The Pike which extends the 3 Meters long Staff to a length of 3 Meters and 16 Centimeters
and the 2 section Spike Blade at the Opposite side of the Axe Blade.

He tends to Wear a Full Plate Mail which is Made by Strong Plating Mounted on Wolfs Fur
Except for his Feet and Hands which he is only Covering with Leather Glothes
His Arms are Usually Free when going to Battle which Primarily is tought to be caused by the Fact that his Halberd is a Very Weapon and would be Hard too Wield with Arm Protections.

Tearis Parden
Tearis has always been a Mystery
His Racial Features and Looks are Inclining that hes an High Elv yet nobody has ever seen him Using Magic.
Having White Hairs hes only 22 Years Old when Akari Burned Down
His Slim Body and his White Skin often make his Enemys misjudge his Combat Power
His Size of only 168cm often makes him the Smallest Person when hes Standing in Line with other Paladins and Knights.

He has always been Using Two Long Swords which have an Long Drawn Hole near the Tip of the Blade that Extends to nearly the Middle of It.

His Armor is usually Light and Consists Primarily of Leather and Clothing
The Only Metal Plated Parts are his Breast Plate and his Shoes

Gilder von Schattenkreuz

Gilders Age is Unknown as his Memorys are Blury since Akari Burned Down.
He is 185cm Tall and has Red Hairs which he usually keeps Short enough that they dont tough his Ears
On Longer Missions his Hair tends to Grow as he dislikes to Cut it when underway
Causing his Comrades to often Joke about it when it starts to fall over Ears and Eyes after being in the Field for 2 Months
His Mother was an Half Elv and his Father was Human
yet his Racial Features dont resemble that of an Elv at all.
It is Rumored that his Father was a Northern Man which might Explain why only someone Schooled in Magic noticed his Elvish Blood by sensing a weak Magic Power from Gilder

Gilder uses a Large Two Handed Sword with an 33 centimeters long Hilt that is Shadowed by an Plain Steel Guard and bears an 158 centimeters long Blade
The Heavy Blade looks pretty Clean and was made by an Master Blacksmith since Gilder tended to Return from Missions with his Swords either Broken or Chipped beyond Repair
Yet his Blade is not exactly Sharp and relies primarily on his Weight and Power to Cleave trough enemey Weapons and Armor alike.

His Armor has always been a Half Plated Armor Mounted on a Chainmail that he had been Awarded with from an Local Lord he Freed from a Band of Bandits that were Roaming the Area
Its a finely Worked Armor and the Noble most likely hoped to Recruit Gilder into his Army
But even if he never Talked about it there seemed to be no Ill Feeling on either Party after not Accepting the Offer
At least the Noble never refused the Orders Soldiers in his his Estate and has lend a helping Hand in many Matters especially in Financial Issues

Kolhen Garricks
He was just 15 when Akari Burned Down and at this Time was Trainee Soldier for a Noble in Rolling Plains

Later on he would be an 173cm Tall Man still using a Long Shield and a Long Sword
his Brown Hairs are tending to grow to his Shoulders before he Decides to Cut them down a little again
and sometimes he was seen with a Beard which seems to be removed at least once every Month

His Shield is Bearing the Silvan Banner nowdays
and his Sword is a Finely Worked Blade that he Received from the Noble in whichs Army he Served during the later Period of the War without Kings were even Young Man like him were Send to the Battlefield due to the massive Losses all sides took.

He is Using an Armor which looks similar to the One Gilder is Wearing
but he is missing a left Shoulder Plate due to his Shield
and his left Leg is wearing a Splinted Metal Armoring allows him aggresively move Forward with his Shield even at the Risk of having his leg scratchet by Weapons when he cant align his Shield to an Enemys Attacks

Fenris Val
Fenris Age has never been Revealed by herself
yet she is a pretty Tall Women of 177 Centimeters which she often uses to provoke Kolhen into verbal fights
Her long Black Hair is about the only feature that seems doubt her Pure Elven Blood
Rumors are that a Human had been in her Family some Generations ago
which might also be the Reason that she is living that far away from the Elvish Lands and Prefers Solitude from her Race.
Her Ears are often Kolhens target of provokation in their verbal Fights due to the Fact that they are standing out to the sides pretty far.

Fenris is usually Fighting with a Bastard Sword that has a Red Gem Mounted right below the Blades Tip
The Heavy Sword she Swings around one handed like it was an Dagger is Clearly an Elvish Made Sword bearing a Golden Guard and a Beatiful yet pretty Thick Blade
Looking only a little Different from a Grandmasters Broadsword thanks to the Red Gem.

While she is Capable of Casting Smaller Magic like minor Healing spells and some Water Spells
she rarely uses any Magic Power in Combat.

Her Armor is also pretty Similar to that of an Elvish Grandmaster
but her Shoes and Lower Body are Armored with loose Elven Plated Armor and those are Missing the Clothing that Grandmaters usually Use to Allow for more Maneuverability during Combat.
In the Shadow of the Black Cross. We Fullfill our Duty in your Name.
And Look forward to the Day we Return to your side Silvanos.
Watching over our Comrades as they Fullfill their Duty in your Name.
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