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The Rise of Gilder von Schattenkreuz

The Sky was Crying as if it tried to pour down Water on the Flames that Engulfed Akari, A small hidden Village on the Edge of the Large Forests in Western Border of the Elvish Lands.

The Village that neither the Elvish nor the Human Troops knew about was but a Hindrance to the Human Army that Marshed towards their Enemy longing to Revenge their Murdered King.
The Elvish Army might have done the same if they had Marshed here.
When the Kings were Murdered and the War began this Village which was a Shining Beacon in the Past became but a stain on the High Elves Pride.
Being Close on the Border many Elves and Human lived here in Peace.

In the Heavy Rain a small Squad of Knights led by Paladin "Tearis Parden" Arrived in the small Village.
Tearis was a Young Man and just Claimed his Title a few months ago.
But his Spirit was Strong and his Sword Fighting Skills were among the Best of the Order.

The Knights who came here to slay a Band Ogres that came from the South noticed the Black Smoke and Scoutet the Village carefully.
Upon Confirming that the Army had moved on the Knights entered the Village.
But not a single Building was left Standing.
The Streets were filled with Blood and if there were any Suvivors they would have long left to run for their Lifes into the thick Forests.
Yet when Tearis barked his Orders to Retreat and Return to the Orders Castle in the North.
A Child came out of a Ruin that was still spilling Smoke after the Rain extinguished the Flames not even half an hour ago.
The Child stared at Tearis but the Knights sight was pinned on something else.
An Old Bastard Sword Stained in Red.
It was Chipped at several spots in the Blade.
And the young Boy had no idea to handle it properly yet he was dragging it along when he finally Screamed out and Ran towards Tearis.

Yelled a Knight from behind Tearis and Pushed him aside Drawing his Sword.
--Idiot its just a Child!!!!--
Tearis got a hold of himself and pushed the Knights to the Side with so much Power that the Knight lost his footing.
It took but a moment for Tearis to catsh the Boys arm out of his Slash and drag him to the muddy ground placing himself atop.
The Boy tried to shake off his Opponent but after a several minutes his strengh left him and he lost consciousness.
Tearis had not said anything.
And the Knights which gathered around them with Drawn Swords after the Uproar stopped all movement and stood in the Rain.

Years later
The War had Ended and Peace once more showed its face even if scarred by the last Years.
In a small Monastry a Young man named Gilder got ready to Travel.
Not a day ago hes got a message that he would be raised into the Rank of a Knight in the Order.
He was an example Student.
Raised in the Monastry together with alot of other Children that lost their Parents in the War.
He Joined the Order not even 2 years Ago yet he already Rivaled some of the Veteran Knights with this Swordmanship.
His Sword was Taller than himself when he leaned it on the Wall to Pray.
Being 185 Centimeters Tall he was often able to look over other Peoples Heads.
Yet his Sword which he weared diagonally on his Back showed its Hilt above his Right Shoulder and still only stayed only few fingers broad away from the Ground.

He was summoned to receive Knighthood and Quarters in the Mountain Castle of Grendan.
His Travel went without trouble.
And the Guards knew him very well from the Past.
They also Knew why he was there and Gratulated him Accordingly.
1 Day after his Arrival he was to meet the High Paladin.

"Duncan Kallarn" Was Clad in his Armor and Stood Tall when he lowered his Right Hand and held his Great Halberd aloft Gilders Head beginning the Ritual and Reading from the Silvan Creed.....

........... --You shall be watched and you shall watch.
Over the World and over Yourself.
Thus I bestow upon you the Title of Knight of the Silvan Order.
Stand Tall Proud Knight "Gilder von Schattenkreuz"--

Another Year Later
Gilder von Schattenkreuz leading a small Group of Soldiers was Called to a small Outpost near the Orcish Border.
The Orcs in Thikken Dal behaved strangely

Gilder knew of the Old Legends of the Order
But the Only Orcs he ever saw didnt seem like Enemys even if they were quite rude.

But this was Different.
The Orcs had Attacked the Outpost several Times and most of the Men here were mere Followers of the Order.
When he Arrived to look into the Situation he was greeted by Arrows from the Bushes.
He Deflectet them Easily but behind him 2 of the Soldiers fell to the Ground in Pain.
A Few of the Soldiers immediatly Flanked the Orcish Archers and faced em in Battle.

Gilder who also Advanced straightly at them Split his Opponents Sword in half together with its Owner.
The Soldiers were well Trained and Outnumbering the small Orcish group by more then 3 times its own Strength.
Yet they Fought Fiercely and Silent.
Orcs Usually Sound their Voice in Combat.
But those Orcs behaved like Disciplined Knights.
And they were Experienced with Swordplay unlike their Brothers which usually relayed on Brute Strength.
Their Eyes were Clouded in Black and even with heavy Injuries the Orcs Fought on till they Died.

The Battle ended with 1 Dead and 5 Injured Including the 2 Soldiers which were hit by Arrows.
He send two Envoys back to the Castle to Report on the Sitation.
And Slowed by the Injured Men which needed to be Carried on Stretchers he Arrived in Sight of the Outpost.

But when he Arrived and demanded Aid and Entrance from the Gate the Gatekeeper did not Respond.
Moments later one of the Soldiers Carrying the Stretchet on which one of the Injured Men was resting Cried out and Fell to the Ground.

Swords Clashed from the Direction were he fell and not a moment to late Gilder noticed that the Gatekeeper had drawn his Sword as Well.
Just like the Orcs the Soldiers did not Speak.
And just like the Orcs their Eyes gave an Demonic Feeling off them.

For over 19 hours the Battle Lasted.
and despite the Fact they were Outnumberd Greatly the small Band of Soldiers fought Bravely and arrived in the Center of the Outpost trough a Path of Bloodshed.

The Outpost suddenly became Silent.
When the Last Enemy fell after being stabbed in the Head.
not even 20 of the Soldiers were left Standing and over half of them were Steady on their Feet.

--Two of you who can still Fight Follow me the rest of you guys gather anyone who is still Alife and get ready to Retreat. We are Done here.--
Yelled Gilder to his Men and headed for the Main Building in the Center of the Outpost.

When he Entered the Building he felt uneasy and when he Entered the Large Hall he wished that he had not decided to Enter.
Corpses were hanging from the Walls and it was easy to see that many of them had been Tortured to Death.
At the End of the Room were usually a Table with a Map is locatet for the Leaders to Commence Strategys a Large Altaar was standing.
Stained with Blood the Altaar lost much of its beuty but it was still impressive handywork.

Gilder advanced Slowly holding his Gauntlet before his Mouth as if trying not to Breath too deeply.
His two Soldiers Followed him uneasily looking around and not even thinking about Sheathing their Weapons.

Suddenly he heard a Scream behind him.
He turned Around and Drawed his Sword but was Struck down before he could Guard himself.
Drowsy from the Heavy Hit on his Body he saw his own Soldiers Fighting each other and Sank to the Ground slowly losing grasp of his Eyes.

Opening his Eyes slowly he was Irritatet by the Light.
Had he not been in a Dark Building Moments ago ????
He came to his Senses and Instinctively reached for his Sword
but it wasnt there.

--Sir are you Awake!!!!??!!--
One of the two Soldiers who were behind him in the Unholy Altaar Room before was Sitting at the Side of his Bed.
The Soldiers Name was "Kolhen Garricks"
Gilder turned around and then crumbled together holding his left Shoulder.
--Sir Gilder be careful you have been asleep for over 5 Days but your Injuries are still Deep--
Kolhen looked worried and tried to support Gilder.
Gilder looked up and his usual Deep and Loud Voice were reduced to a Painfull Whispering when he Asked.
--Where are the Others how many Men Survived the Battle--
Kolhen could not answer
he stared at the Ground
Gilder became nervous and repeatet his Question louder this Time.
Kolhen looked up to his Face but was disturbed when he was about to say something.

--I see your awake Knight.....
I am sorry but the two of you are the Only Survivors....
You should thank your Friend there despite his own Injuries he not only Struck down Several Others of those Undead Bastards he also Carried you out of the Outpost--

The Voice Clearly was Female and sounded Nice.
Gilder looked to the Direction from where the Voice came.
An Elven Women with long Hair Clad in an Armor that was a Mix of Elvish Clothing and Dwarfen Platemail stood there and was holding the Hilt of a Decorated Bastard Sword and pressed down so the Sheath were held aloft on the other Side.
She carried the Sword on her Belt but Unlike Human Soldiers it was on her Back and thus Sheath was now showing its length on her Side.

--Who are you!?!--
Gilder was full on edge now
If one would not know hes Injured he wouldnt have Noticed from his Voice right now.
The Young Women smirked lightly
--Your sure Rude for someone whose touched by Elven Blood. I can feel the Magic in you but this is not Strong enough to be an High Elf of Pure Blood.
Are you an Half Breed ?--
A Picture of his Mother flashed Gilders Mind.
--One Quarter
My Blood is one Quarter that of an Elf my Mother was a Half Breed--
Awwwhh I dont plan to Discuss my Family with someone whose Name I dont even know!.....--

"Fenris Val"
-- My name is Fenris young Knight. And your at my Tree When I found your Friend Carrying you in the Forest I approached him and offerd my Help.
He sure is a Good Watchdog even tough I tended to your Wounds he kept an Eye on me each time I came near you.--
Kolhen overheard this without a comment and on only closed his Eyes.

Gilders Eyes were Showing with Determination.
--You said Undead Bastards.... Do you know what happened in that Outpost over there??--

The Conversation took a while
And Fenris explained that an Orc Shaman had been here some time ago
Using a Magic she had not seen before.
The Brunt of it was easy.
Those of a Weak Will turn to Undead Slaves of this Shaman when they succumb to their Injuries and Pain.
Not Feeling Pain and not Dying unless losing their Heart or their Head.

Gilder did not Waste time
1 Day after the Conversation he set out to the Outpost again.

This Time he as well did not Sheath his Sword.
The Men he Cut Down were those he Commanded a few Days ago.

But the Fight was Easy this Time
Not even 10 Men blocked his Path.
And Fenris proved to be a valuable Fighter.
She had Protestet several Times to come here.
But she also Refused to let an Injured Man go there Alone.
Kolhen tired from his long Service rested in the Tree and was a good way away from bein able to Fight again.
If he had been awake he would surely have forced his Way along.
But after the Tension broke he fell asleep and had not woke up so far.

Fenris shruk together
A Dark loud Voice sounded in the Outpost
And an Orc Clothed like a Priest walked out of the Building were Gilder found the Altaar some days ago.

Two Big Orcs were on his Side
This two were Different from the ones they Encountered when they Arrived.
Their Eyes showed Life
Yet the Shamans Eyes were Dark as Night

he Ordered the two Orcs to Attack and Prepared to Attack with a Spell himself.

Gilder Struck down the Tall Orc with one Stroke and Fenris Stabbed the Other Orc upon Evading his Strike that Cleaved a Deep Scar into the Earth where she was Standing a moment ago.
Gilder Immediatly Rushed at the Shaman grinding a Line into the Ground behind him by draggin his Sword trough the Dirt.
The Shaman however calmy ended his Spell and a Pillar of Fire forced his Way aiming Straight for Gilder.
Fenris True worth on the Battlefield showed itself when she Forced her Way between Gilder and the Spell Grinding her Sword into the Earth and taking Stance behind it.

The Pillar of Fire Dissipated into the Air and her Sword Glowed from the Magic Power it just Dispelled.
Gilder who did not even Stop his Run in Face of the Fire Rushed past Fenris and Cut of the Shamans Right Arm together with his Head.

After a Moment of Silence he Turned around.
Fenris showed him her Back watching the Gate.

"Duncan Kallarn" Himself Leading a Group of Several Paladins and more than 100 Knights had Arrived in the Outpost that was stained with the Blood of more then 200 Men

When the Report of Gilders Men Arrived in the Castle
the Priests of the Order knew well what Happened.

Subjugation Magic
A Spell that Forces the Gods will on any Creature that has a weak enough will to Submit to it.
Its is but one Step Away from the Undead who once Walked on Earth.
And unlike Undead those Men can still be Killed with Fatal Wounds.

However the Report was enough for Duncan to Gather an Army and Marsh towards the Outpost to rid the Danger before it spreads.

Duncan was Impressed by Gilders and also by Fenris Archievement.

One Year Later Gilder would be a Paladin
and 3 Months after he Received the Title of Paladin he would assume the Position of High Paladin upon the Death of his Mentor Duncan Kallarn. Who lost his life when he Fought Alongside Gilder and Fenris against an small Army lead by a Black Dragon.

It was "Tearis Parden" that Nominated Gilder von Schattenkreuz for the Rank of High Paladin after the Loss of Duncan Kallarn.

It has been 6 Months that Gilder Assumed his Position
Fenris Val which Joined the Order as Paladin upon hearing from the Old Legends.
Tearis Parden which acts as an Advisor for Military and Politics also retains his Rank as Paladin
And Kolhen Garricks who Received the Title of Knight after the Clash at the Outpost had also Reached the Rank of Paladin short time after Gilder became the High Paladin of the Order.

It has been nearly a Year that the Orders Work got Harder
After the War Without Kings the new Leaders of the Races had began to allow free reign of local Lords and even Warring to Increase their Military Power

The Silvan Order is Hidden in the Mountains north of Dagbor and thanks to the Ocean the stretches below the Mountain Castle nearly no one ever even Noticed the Cathedral thats Surrounded by Towers and Walls here in the Deep Mountains and Cliffs

Still the Troops and Monastrys as well as Outposts and Castles that are Loyal to the Order have become Targets of Frequent Attacks from Young Lords trying to Prove themself

Not Realizing that there is a much Greater Threat in the Darkness of Time ........
In the Shadow of the Black Cross. We Fullfill our Duty in your Name.
And Look forward to the Day we Return to your side Silvanos.
Watching over our Comrades as they Fullfill their Duty in your Name.
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