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Post Lore of the Silvan Order "In the Shadows of the Black Cross"

The Silvanos Order

In the Shadow of the Black Cross the Silvan Order serves our Lord Silvanos
The Godslayer which bought Equality to the Lands by freeing Mankind from those who dare to Enslave those who Walk on Earth.
Shedding our Blood in the Ways of Honor and Slaying our Enemys for Victory.
We shall follow our Lord in his Crusade to Free the World of any Demon and any God that dares to question the Freedom of any Race that Walks this Earth with Honor.

Code of Honor

Silvan Knights and Paladins are bound by their Honor to Protect the Silvan Order and those who are serving it.

Silvan Knights and Paladins must not show Mercy on Enemys or Criminals.
If an Silvan Knight allows a Criminal or an Enemy to life or escape he shall be held Responsible for any Damage that the Enemy or Criminal does in the Future.

Silvan Knights and Paladins shall never Retreat a Battlefield after the Blood of a Comrade has been spilled.

Silvan Knights and Paladins shall never allow harm to their Subordinates or Allies and must not harm them theirself.

Silvan Paladins are bound by the Oath of Revenge
We Vow that we will care for our Brothers and Fulfill our Duty on the Field until we Perish
We shall never leave a Comrade on the Field
We shall never forget a Comrade that has Fallen in the line of Duty
and We shall Avenge all who Fall serving in our Ranks and Hunt down those who stand in our Way until we Eradicate em from the Face of this World.

Thus we Vow the Oath of Revenge.

The Silvan Order does not deem itself as Good or Evil.

If there is a God of Justice that enforces his Laws on those who walk in this World.
We shall Slay it.
If there is a God of Doom that brings Chaos to those who life on this Earth.
We shall Slay it.
In the Shadow of the Black Cross. We Fullfill our Duty in your Name.
And Look forward to the Day we Return to your side Silvanos.
Watching over our Comrades as they Fullfill their Duty in your Name.

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