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Old 01-28-2012, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by crazedwombat View Post
I can't believe you guys are charging for the game AND have a cash shop in the game.

I never would've played had it not been for the free client, i really believe you'd make more money and draw much more population if you just made the client free for good.

On a side note, i would've been fairly angry had i payed $30 for the client as well because of the bugs i've encountered. They aren't anything game breaking, but they are irritating and something i'd expect in a free client, but not in a pay client.

For example, my humans not wanting to butcher animals even though they are set to ready to butcher, and the humans are idle standing right next to them set to butcher task.. units getting stuck on geometry with no escape.. average income staying the same until relog even though all the workers were retasked... etc...

PVP: why is there a protection timer at all if you can only fight people at your same level of development? as long as both players are equally noob, there shouldn't be any timer at all period.

I don't want to include anything else in my rant as i don't want to take away from the VITAL problem i have, and that is the costly client. You are missing out on a huge population by charging the fee for the client, at LEAST make like a 30 day free trial. The demographic this game is targeting is unlikely to be ok paying for a client and then being expected to pay for stuff in the game also..

my problem is you just want to play for free, a demo is hard to make of game like this. go see if youtube or live streams/recorded of dawn of fantasy. demos cast them money to run witch could be used on the full game. free to play type model for this game might make the pop bigger but most will never use the non free stuff and most good stuff will cost $$$$ this is why f2p sucks just look at all the crap games on facebook and android/ios game that do this.
ps. all fb games suck. some games do work free to play. if they do dont make like fb games only a few move the ether pay or wait to do any thing
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