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Old 01-26-2012, 09:50 AM
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maybe once the game is bug free and the AI has some more spiff to it you could make a singleplayer demo for the game

i don't think a trail on a "buy to play title" works very well but that's just my opinion
if a person likes the gameplay from playing singleplayer they will probably be wanting to buy it for the multiplayer because well multiplayer is awesome

but of course you wanna make the demo quite limiting but it needs to get a player to crave for more on both singleplayer and multiplayer

i also think that making any sort of trial or demo would first require the game to function properly on all aspects
you don't wanna give a player any wrong experience or impression of the game
cuz any flaw could be a reason for a potential customer to decide to spend his money on something else instead

i think the main problem with the game atm = that its not known... as i mentioned in another threat i only found out about this game cuz i read
if i would not have... i would never have known about it
youtube = barely a thing
there is a few "lets play" sort of videos of guys who are trying to figure the game out, which ain't really showing any fun aspects of the game
the dev diarly's are the only video's i could find which showed me stuff that made me wanna see more

now putting it on steam for example with a really appealing trailer video that will lure customers (or any other digital games seller)
there is plenty of other gaming websites you could spread the word at

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