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Old 01-26-2012, 08:30 AM
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Default How to counter army of knights?

So i had 211 troops in castle (some melee, some archer, 2 trebs) and attacking player had 400+ of all knights, no siege stuff.

I thought 'All knights? how they gonna get thru my gate? Anyway they did.

My question is: Can a huge stream of knights just batter their way through a gate? cos my archers ran out of arrows so a mixed army seems pointless.

Should I have just trained lots of knights and not bothered with archers/crossbows cos his numbers of knights just soaked up arrow stores.

How do you defend against an army like that just after the safe time has ended? Btw some of my troops had been trained at nearby town to lv5 - does that make difference in PvP balance calculation?