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Old 01-26-2012, 08:07 AM
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for one thing, resetting the router should have nothing to do with it.. if you can access the forum in the first place, the router likely isn't the issue.

but just for the record i have reset my modem, my router, my dns cache manually...

i have cloned my mac address to change my external IP, i have run tracert on the server...

the problem is NOT on our end.

EDIT: sometimes i see a brief error that pops up for about .1 second, it says something along the lines of "raknet_peer failed to connect" obviously it's longer and doesn't display long enough for me to read much more, i know it has the word "connection" and "failed" and it pops up RIGHT away, before it even tries to connect, like a split second after i hit the connect button.

(btw i've been playing for days with no issues logging in, thought i should mention that since everyone seems to think me posting here means i've never played)

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